Aid Box Community (ABC) is a Bristol-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to distributing emergency aid to refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol and across Europe.

We’re a bunch of ordinary people who couldn’t ignore the ever-worsening refugee crisis. We’ve pooled our time, energy, skills and money to help people who are in desperate need and with some great organisers at our helm, we’re getting stuff done!

Want to help? Whether you want to join the team, donate money or supplies, or hold a fundraiser, get in touch and we’ll help make it happen.


A lovely film about Macus and his role as a volunteer at the ABC Hub and in France.

The ABC Hub                     
The ABC Hub is the operations centre of Aid Box Community. Located in Redland, Bristol, it’s a multi-use space where we work in collaboration with other Bristol-based groups and charities to help displaced people integrate into the community.

The ABC Hub is currently fulfilling its primary use as a warehouse to collect, sort and deliver urgent lifesaving aid to displaced people in refugee camps and centres in France. 

The next step is to open a ‘free shop’ for Bristol’s displaced people.  The aim is to deliver free clothes, household items and food to displaced people in Bristol.

We have big plans for the Hub’s future, ranging from a cafe run by refugees, to language classes, to a resource centre, to a charity shop. Watch this space…...


Chinese new year celebration feast.
The wonderful Ming-Li Bogue is throwing a party for Chinese new year (21st jan). Authentique yummy homemade Taiwanese and Chinese food (Chinese dumplings, Sichuan spicy noodles, Taiwanese pulled pork bao, and more..), craft, games, good quality of pre-loved toys & book sale, Chinese lion dance and a raffle!



A statement from Medecins sans frontieres 


10 days ago MSF started operating in Paris. We have one mobile clinic supporting refugees. Teams have been shocked to see the police treatment of refugees – other organisations operating in Paris have said it isn’t anything new and has been like this since the number of refugees increased in Paris last summer.
In the last week, MSF’s mobile clinics in Paris have cared for 8 refugees who have been close to hypothermia. MSF is concerned that aggression and harassment from police is making the already bleak situation faced by refugees on the streets of Paris worse, and even putting their lives at risk.
As the weather has fallen below zero over the last week, MSF teams have witnessed police confiscating blankets from refugees.

MSF is calling on public authorities to work to provide refugees with a safe and warm place to sleep, instead of putting resources into causing them more distress.

MSF teams have also witnessed police preventing refugees from sitting down when waiting in queues to get access to the main ‘humanitarian centre’ where accommodation is being allocated and waking refugees up in the middle of the night for no clear reason. Police are also guarding areas of the city, such as around Stalingrad, where refugees have previously been gathering and sleeping in order to prevent this from happening.

Coverage in UK media…/french-police-stealing-blank……/paris-police-threatening-lives-ho…

Report from Paris 06/12/2016
Roughly a thousand refugees are now living on the streets in Paris and many more are arriving everyday. The lucky ones squeeze into tents too small for their numbers under subway bridges or by canals relying on the kindness of locals and independent volunteers for food, bedding, water and medicine. 
Heather and Kevin are on the ground providing a support, aid and hope.