ABC’s great big washer-dryer appeal!

Here at the hub, we’re getting some amazing donations for the Free Shop and for taking out to refugees and asylum seekers in Paris. But some of it needs a good old wash before it’s ready to give out.

That’s where you come in. If everyone who reads this gives just a few quid, we’d soon raise the £900 needed to buy a new washing machine and tumble dryer for the ABC Hub.

Most of the people who come to us for help have lost everything. Their clothes, belongings, homes, families, friends, communities, and their country.  Often all they have left is the belongings they can carry with them. When they come to us for help, it’s important that we respect their dignity, or perhaps even give them a little dignity back, by making sure the items we give them are clean and in good condition.

We get through four loads of washing and drying a day at the Hub and the second hand machines that were originally donated keep fusing the building. In short, they’re knackered. With your help, we can replace them with machines that work and don’t turn our lights off!

Whether it’s £5, £10 or another amount, please donate what you can to help us give a properly fresh start to the refugees and asylum seekers who come to us for support.

Donate today and make a difference!

Just a few quick clicks and your generous donation will be on its way to making a big sparkly difference.

Please include a note to let us know your donation is for the washing machine appeal.

Thank you!