A Taste of Syria - an evening of laughter, tears and community

From sorting table to serving table

From sorting table to serving table

It's been a busy couple of weeks at the ABC Hub. And last night we hosted our first on-site fundraiser - A Taste of Syria. The evening was a huge success with 60 people squeezed in to our Redland base, raising funds and warming hearts all round. 

We ate the most delicious Syrian food made by wonderful ladies Mona, Alhambra, Shar, Reem, Bhra and Basma. Thank you all for your hard work and preparations over the previous days. You made the night very special. 

Entertainment was provided by talented singer-songwriter, Mali, who performed two beautiful songs to a spellbound audience. 

Baraa then shared stories of how he had been forced to leave his life in Syria to come to England. He showed us how beautiful Syria once was, and helped us understand more about the suffering that Syrian people have had to endure, and how difficult settling in a new life and new culture, all with a new language, really is. 

Next to share was Mona, who recited one of her own poems - read in Syrian and translated by Baraa.


Images of Baraa's journey from Syria

Images of Baraa's journey from Syria

Listening to songs and poetry

Listening to songs and poetry

The evening raised £700 that will go towards our ongoing mission of providing hope and help to displaced people across Europe. We also laughed together, cried together and made new friends from Syria. Together in Redland, Bristol, we shared knowledge of what life is like for so many people across the world who are forced to leave their beautiful families and homes due to war and persecution. 

The evening demonstrated that there is a universal language - one of laughter, tears, hugs and smiles. 

beautiful hearts and souls.jpg

Thank you to everyone who helped!

Thank you to Clare and Rebecca for organising the event. You ladies are amazing! 

Also to Shazia for coordinating the cooking, to Baraa for coming to talk, and Mali and Mona for bringing songs and poems that were simply too special for words. 

Thanks to all the suppliers who supported the event by donating ingredients, including

  • Star cash and carry 
  • Pak butchers 
  • Sweet Mart 
  • Istanbul

And to all the ABCers - Lindsay, Andy, Annie, Hope and all the volunteers who helped us set up - you're fantastic. Thank you. 

Thanks to Peter who gives his life and soul to ABC everyday. 

And Bryan, who is ABC treasurer, thank you for dedicating so much to helping others and keeping us all in check :)

It was truly heart-warming to see the community coming together and creating something so magical. 

Love from Imogen and the ABC team xx

A few more photos from the event...