Winter is coming – help us get a truckload of aid to refugees in France

As the nights draw in and the temperatures head from chilly to downright cold, we’re getting our first big winter donation truck ready to support thousands of displaced people sleeping rough on the streets of France. And we need your help to fill it.

Imogen, who runs ABC explains, “There is a growing belief that less and less refugees are trying to reach the UK because the camps in Dunkirk and Calais have been all but destroyed.

“However, hundreds of people are arriving in France every day and Paris in particular has been effected with thousands of refugees and asylum seekers sleeping rough in absolutely horrific conditions.

“The French authorities have created aid centres on the outskirts of the city but this is not touching the sides. And now, as the weather grows colder with huge downpours and worse to come, it’s time to act and help where we can.”

You can make a difference

The conditions in France mean that families, including estimates of hundreds of children, are sleeping on concrete and bare ground under tunnels. They’re cold, scared and exhausted, and are regularly moved on by the authorities as conditions become unsanitary.

Food donations ready to be packed

Food donations ready to be packed

We know the people of Bristol care – you’re the people that make ABC’s work possible. So we’re ramping up our pleas again for items such as winter clothes, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, backpacks, hygiene and sanitary products and packet or tinned food and drink. Check out the full list at the bottom of this post.

We’ve got two weeks to fill that truck!

Our first truckload is heading to France on the 18th October, where our trusted partner organisations will distribute your warm, practical, and potentially lifesaving items to the people who need them.

Imogen at the Hub

Imogen at the Hub

“We are once again looking at a humanitarian issue where masses of vulnerable people are left with zero comfort, protection, or even granted basic human rights,” says Imogen.

“We have seen first-hand the trauma and distress these journeys escaping countries of violence and persecution cause people – they were desperate when they left their homes and are desperate now when they arrive here.”

“We know Bristol is one of the most generous cities in the world for helping displaced people and we want to make sure that this winter we can help as many people as possible survive the harsh weather and make it through to a better life.”

How you can help today

Got warm clothes or other stuff to donate? Check out the donations list below and bring your items to the Hub - 5-7 Waverley Rd, Redland BS6 6ES. We’re open Tues - Thurs 11-3, or leave your donations in the donation bin outside anytime - it is emptied daily.

Some of the donations sorted and packed

Some of the donations sorted and packed

You can also donate money to help us distribute the supplies.

Items most desperately needed:

Shelter & warmth

  • Blankets (thick and thin – by the thousands)
  • Sleeping bags (thick and thin)
  • Tents (popups are the best and 1/2/3 man are ideal, but we'll take any and all)
  • Inflatable pillows
  • Tarpaulins small/medium/large
  • Backpacks (medium)


  • Mens (s/m) brand new socks and underwear.
  • Mens (s/m) tshirts
  • Mens (s/m) tops.
  • Mens (s/m) jumpers/ hoodies
  • Mens trousers/ jeans/ joggers (s/m sizes 28" to 34")
  • Mens shoes and boots (sizes 40 to 45, especially 42 and 43)
  • Mens coats/ jackets. Preferably good winter quality 
  • Hats 
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Thermal underwear longjohns/ vests 
  • Waterproof jackets (s/m)

Weather protection

  • Rain ponchos (by the thousands)
  • Foil/emergency blankets (by the thousands)


  • Small packs of toothpaste and toothbrush (in a zip lock bag)
  • Small packs of razor, soap or shampoo, and deodorant (in a zip lock bag)
  • Small packs of lip balm, vasoline and moisturiser (in a zip lock bag) 
  • Small packs of comb, nail file and nail clipper (in a zip lock bag)
  • Tiny LED torches (keyring/ pocket sized)

Food packs (you can make up packs or donate any items from the list)

  • 1x small bottle of water 
  • 1x small juice carton
  • 1x ring pull tin of fish 
  • 2x energy/cereal bars
  • 2x chocolate bars
  • Small pack of nuts
  • Zip lock bag


Thank you

As always, we are hugely grateful for any donations of aid, money or time you can give. It all makes a difference. So thank you.