Volunteering for ABC - Become part of the community

"By volunteering at ABC i have helped people first hand, its enriched my life and I've met the most wonderful people"  Sam, Volunteer

1. ABC Welcome Hosts

Day: Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays  

Time:  10.45  - 15.15

2. Donation Sorting

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays

Time: 11-3

3. Free Shop Supervisors

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays

Time: 11-3

5. Events Volunteers

Role: Represent ABC at Events, talk to the public to promote what we do, gain support. Sign up to newsletter. New vols, run stall, clothes sales, fundraisers, run bar, work til, etc

Requirements: A good knowledge of what ABC do and the Asylum process

Please contact Naomi naomi@aidboxcommunity.co.uk if you are interested in volunteering.

Many Thanks