The refugee Council are a great up to date resource for anybody interested in the crisis

Q- What is a Migrant?
A- A person who leaves their homeland in order to find work or better living conditions.

Q- Where are all the refugees coming from?
A- Recently due to the horrendous situation most refugees have been coming from Syria;
in 2014 it was Afghanistan. Due to climate change war and extreme poverty many people have fled their homelands in sub saharan Africa.

Q- Why don’t they claim asylum in somewhere else?
A- 95% of all Syrian refugees are now hosted in neighbouring countries.  Turkey has welcomed 1.59 million refugees while Lebanon brought in 1.15 million. Iran has 982,000. While the Syrian crisis dominates headlines, the volume of refugees flowing out of Afghanistan and Somalia is no less troubling.  Pakistan hosted the second-largest number of refugees last year due to the 2.59 million Afghans seeking refuge.  Meanwhile, 1.11 million Somalian’s were forced to flee home, many relocating to Ethiopia.

Q- Why don’t you help British people on the streets?
A- We do. You too can join some of our members on the Bristol soup run click here to find out more. We also give any excess donations we have to other Bristol homeless charity's. 

Q -What can i do?
A- click here.

Q- What do they need?
A- Here is our list of donations needed

Q- Why don’t you take women’s and kids clothes?
A- at present we have a large stock of women’s and children’s clothes.
We will do individual call outs for them as and when the need arises.

Q - Can i volunteer in the Europe?
A - A simple and effective way to get involved on the ground would be to volunteer in the COMMUNITY REFUGEE KITCHEN they have been doing amazing work feeding thousands out of the Calais warehouse.