ABC has a small team of part time staff and a board of Trustees as well as a team of over 100 volunteers at any one time.

Imogen McIntosh, Founder and CEO 2015

Imogen is a mother of three beautiful children. Her past experiences and career include 15 years as a Registered Child Mental Health Nurse for the NHS, holistic massage therapist, founder of Bristol Twins & More club, and she set up and ran her own business, winning two Women in Business awards along the way.

Imogen first became aware of the refugee crisis in September 2015 and she began collecting aid to send to the Calais camp. With a wide social network, she was soon inundated with donations, which quickly spiralled into setting up Aid Box Convoy. Her empathy and need to 'do something' has meant Imogen hasn’t looked back. With the support and love of her family and friends, she has dedicated the past years to running Aid Box Community. 

Bryan Archer: Trustee

Retiring at fifty after running successful businesses in Bristol as a Financial Director, Bryan left the UK, with wife Ann, to live in Spain. Fifteen years later in 2015, they returned to Bristol. Bryan has three stepchildren and one daughter, who all left the family nest long ago.

The desperate plight of refugees and asylum seekers began to reach Bryan through various media outlets but it was daughter’s experiences as a volunteer for ABC in the Dunkirk camp that brought the true reality home. Unable to help as an 'on the ground' volunteer, Bryan offered up his administrative skills. As the charity grew, he took on the role of treasurer. “I feel privileged to be associated with this dynamic group of people that make up ABC, who ask for nothing for themselves but just try to ameliorate some of the hardships that refugees and asylum seekers are facing.”

Sarah Rice: Trustee Media and Communication


Sarah has worked in the media for over 20 years, is co-director of Bristol-based public relations agency Rice PR and is also an associate lecturer on the University of the West of England Journalism course. 

Her involvement with Aid Box Convoy started at the end of 2015 when she found she could no longer witness the conditions and treatment of refugees moving across Europe from the sidelines. She started to help journalists connect with the ABC team to uncover the appalling situation at the Dunkirk refugee camp in Northern France during that winter. 

“The ABC community is inspirational and has evolved to help people where and when they need it most - something I believe we need more of in the world. My aim in being a Trustee is to let the wider world know more about the work the charity undertakes to support people displaced by war and extreme hardship, and encourage others to support these vital efforts.”